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At a young age, I chose to make my mark on the world through manufacturing. Our industry touches lives and brings people together, something made possible only because of each individual’s determination to make a difference. They believe, and they belong.

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"It takes an industry to change the world, but it starts with one person making a difference."

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No one is born with confidence and a formal education, but only one is required for sustainable success. Confidence cannot be bought—but it can be taught—and I speak to start others on the path to believing they belong.


Calling the shots amounts to less than half of what leading is about. We set the example, stay humble enough to learn, and find a balance between nurturing others and holding them accountable.


Enthusiasm and expertise are only the beginning. Long term growth demands integrity, collaboration with people of different backgrounds, and a sprinkle of business-savvy.

"Leaders set the example through their actions and empower their team with a culture of diversity and unity."

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