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Aneesa entered the world of manufacturing as a young girl chipping in around her parents’ shop and she’s never looked back. Determined to touch lives through manufacturing, Aneesa joined Pioneer Service as president and co-owner in 1993. A keynote speaker, member of several boards, and a Modern Machine Shop contributor, Aneesa captivates her audience with a blend of hard-won knowledge, humility, and a touch of humor. Though she often speaks about diversity and inclusivity, Aneesa tosses aside old stereotypes of “Boomers vs. Millennials” and men vs women. In their place remains her message of finding common ground through hard work and mutual respect.


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Aneesa’s Most Requested Presentations:

Sustainable Success – How To Get The Best Out Of Your Team

Technology alone won’t get it done. Learn how and where to plant the seeds of partnership and about practical methods of keeping your team happy and productive with only minimal use of donuts. Other topics include when to fire a customer and the part outreach plays in safeguarding your business’s future.

Inclusivity + Diversity = Innovation

Diversity and inclusion fail when they become less about company culture and more about “checking boxes.” Done right, diversity drives innovation and taps a larger pool of employees, but only if companies take the time to define the term. Yes, it begins with gender, race, and beliefs, but also can include socio-economic and educational background (just for starters!). If diversity means hiring from wide-ranging backgrounds, then inclusion means making everyone feel like they belong. This session explains the benefits of achieving both and highlights the significance of company culture in the effort.

Breaking Boundaries with Your Identity Intact

Few enjoy feeling like an outsider, but how do you stay true to yourself and still find success? In the effort to be heard, authenticity, self-awareness and hard work play key roles, but equally important is learning how to listen. Learn about the various forms “listening” can take and how to showcase yourself by helping others. #YouBelong

Recruiting Your Personal Board of Directors

Strong leaders don’t go it alone—they surround themselves with the right people. A personal board of directors (PBOD) is an inner circle of people you admire, whether friends, family, or business associates. Usually informal, these boards provide boundless opportunities for learning, venting steam, or something in between. Learn what “roles” I look to fill on my PBOD, where to find these wonderful people, and how to approach them about it.


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