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Aneesa Muthana is a hands-on leader with extensive experience in almost every aspect of a production machining environment. After three decades as CEO and owner of Pioneer Service, Aneesa attributes her success to building a team that embraces continuous improvement, diversity, and leading-edge technology. A keynote speaker, member of several boards, and a Modern Machine Shop contributor, Aneesa captivates her audience with a blend of hard-won knowledge, humility, and a touch of humor. Though she often speaks about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Aneesa tosses aside old stereotypes of “Boomers vs. Millennials” and men vs women. In their place remains her message of finding common ground through mutual respect.


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  • Digital Transformation (IIoT)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
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Aneesa’s Most Requested Presentations:

Sustainable Success – How To Get The Best Out Of Your Team

Technology alone won’t get it done. Learn how and where to plant the seeds of partnership and about practical methods of keeping your team happy and productive with only minimal use of donuts. Other topics include when to fire a customer and the part outreach plays in safeguarding your business’s future.

Scaling Your Digital Transformation from the Ground Up

The data-driven analytics and automation provided by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 can provide substantial rewards to small and midsize manufacturers. However, the road to Digital Transformation is not without risk. Learn where to begin, how to get your team to buy-in, and how to get the most from your data. Most beyond the theory with the story of how I transformed my shop from the grease and grime of old manufacturing to high-tech precision machining.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

One common hurdle for great ideas is when businesses rush to embrace them without full understanding or respect. This is the difference between a movement and a buzzword.

DEI is a top-down commitment to welcoming a variety of people and perspectives into your community (or business) and giving each of them opportunities to be heard. This session highlights how businesses can successfully implement DEI, the practical benefits of doing so, and what DEI is not.

It is NOT:

  • A token board member or trophy employee
  • Checking off a box or a political agenda
  • Adopting a victim mindset, or encouraging others to do so
  • Singling out other races, ages, or any other identifiers as “the oppressors”

DEI begins with us. If we truly want to see it in our community, workplace, and the world-at-large, then it’s our responsibility to show up and deliver. Everyone has something to offer, regardless of creed or color. Why wait for that person to arrive when it can be you or me? We truly fail only when we choose to remain seated.

Stand up.

Breaking Boundaries with Your Identity Intact

Feel like an outsider in your company or industry? The answer to finding success starts with being true to yourself. You will have setbacks. Someone will always be eager to remind you of any failure. Sometimes, that person might even be a voice in your head. Breaking boundaries is anything but easy. Perfection is not a prerequisite. Be authentic, express yourself, listen to those you respect, and work hard! Self-awareness means understanding both your weaknesses and your STRENGTHS—and being willing to work on the former while staying humble about the latter. Believe in what you have to offer, hustle to show it, and remember who you are. The world will take notice. #YouBelong

Recruiting Your Personal Board of Directors

Strong leaders don’t go it alone—they surround themselves with the right people. A personal board of directors (PBOD) is an inner circle of people you admire, whether friends, family, or business associates. Usually informal, these boards provide boundless opportunities for learning, venting steam, or something in between. Learn what “roles” I look to fill on my PBOD, where to find these wonderful people, and how to approach them about it.


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