Aneesa Muthana is a thoughtful and thought-provoking voice within Modern Machine Shop magazine, the publication I lead. She is not only an engaging and persuasive advocate for manufacturing—using public platforms available to her to make the case for manufacturing and make its importance visible—but she also offers healthy challenge and encouragement to manufacturing itself.

Perhaps counter-intuitively, the move to increasingly automated manufacturing is a move to more people-centered manufacturing, because the impact and output of every individual increases as automation amplifies what they are able to do. Aneesa is showing a way to respond to this. She is attentive to people because she loves and honors people. But along the way, she is building the culture and the team for an increasingly effective and responsive manufacturing business, and helping other manufacturers see how to do this as well.

Peter ZelinskiEditor-in-chief - Modern Machine Shop magazine and Additive Manufacturing magazine | Co-host, The Cool Parts Show

You are an amazing person and I loved chatting with you.  Your insights are spot on and the crowds got more from you than me!

Indra NooyiFormer Chairperson and CEO - PepsiCo.

I had the good fortune of seeing Aneesa Muthana speak at the 2021 Women In Manufacturing Conference. She gave a great speech on “Recruiting Your Personal Board of Directors”. Her message just made so much sense and was just so full of great anecdotes, she connected with every person in the room. I took really good notes on her presentation so that we could try to put something like it together…, but on a whim I asked her if she would present it to our women and she did! It was probably our most talked-about Lunch and Learn for all of 2021!!

Kristen CoupalAccount Manager - Ingersoll Rand

Aneesa has been a returning presenter and panelist at Internet of Business’ Manufacturing X.0 events, and her lessons in leadership and digital transformation are always greatly appreciated by the manufacturing leaders in our audience.

Aneesa’s energy and passion for people management and the manufacturing industry are palpable; she has a warm, and impressive presence on stage. Knowledgeable and candid, Aneesa is a fantastic adviser, and we love working with her!

Lucy AshtonManaging Director - USA Internet of Business

Aneesa was a keynote at the Women in Manufacturing’s 2021 annual SUMMIT. Aneesa captivated the audience with her presentation. She was one of our highest rated speakers of all time. As a planner, Aneesa was a dream to work with. I would highly recommend Aneesa for any conference that you have – your attendees will thank you!”

Jackie BloomDirector of Programs & Events - Women in Manufacturing Association

Aneesa is an inspiring leader in manufacturing. She has demonstrated her ability to engage with broad audiences to help women develop their brand, navigate a sometimes challenging environment, and design their pathways to become future leaders in this industry. Aneesa’s public speaking is particularly noteworthy – she has charisma and an authenticity that is unique and immensely valuable today. Her voice is one that will reach beyond the noise and deliver messages with impact.

Heather Ashton ManolianSenior Manager, Manufacturing Industry - Deloitte

Valley Industrial Association would like to acknowledge and recommend Aneesa Muthana for her professional speaking. We have had the privilege of having her speak at numerous events throughout the years of her company’s involvement in our Association.

I personally have also recommended her for International Women’s Day programs, in addition to other business events that were looking for a dynamic, professional speaker. I most recently heard her speak adeptly for a conference through Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center as well.

Kathy GilmorePresident - Valley Industrial Association (VIA)

Aneesa has had an incredible journey of converting business challenges into lessons learned and positive results that have led to great successes for her company. Her leadership, commitment to core values, and belief in nurturing a team have been steady foundations. Consequently, she easily speaks with deep insights, tremendous perspective, as well as a caring and empathetic stance. Aneesa brings practical insights into her presentations through informative messages that are equal parts of energy, passion, and optimism.

These attributes align with your goals of speakers who “inspire enlightening discussions” and “convey the fundamentals for growing businesses”. Aneesa Muthana is a powerful and dynamic speaker and a true inspiration for those fortunate to hear her message.

David BoulayPh.D. President - IMEC (Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center)

It has been my pleasure to be in the audience when Ms Muthana has been a presenter or on a panel speaking to our ball room sized audience. Aneesa is authentic as a speaker, authoritative on her topic because she speaks from experience, and her confidence in front of the audience puts all at ease, allowing her message to be better received.

Aneesa will move the room- not with professional speaker magic- but with solid heartfelt, human to human connection and passion for Manufacturing.

One final note- after the session, expect to see a line of audience members queued up to get a personal conversation in and exchange cards. Aneesa and her message truly connect.

Miles FreeInterim Director - PMPA (Precision Machined Products Association)

Aneesa is certainly an engaging and talented public speaker, but her true gift lies in her storytelling abilities. In telling her own story and the story of so many other trailblazing women in manufacturing, she leads by example and sets the standard for women leaders in the industry. Her storytelling combined with her business acumen and industry knowledge sets her apart as a sought-after speaker who we look forward to engaging more with in the future.

Focusing on how women can be bullies to other women too, her talk expertly analyzed how women can achieve more by building each other up rather than tearing each other down. Her honesty, humor, and poise were reflected in the glowing reviews she received from our honorees, many of whom referenced her talk directly as being one of the highlights of the entire program.

AJ JorgensonAVP Strategic Development - National Association of Manufacturing (NAM)

Aneesa Muthana’s keynote for the Professional Women’s Club of Chicago earned rave reviews – in fact, feedback providers rated her one of the best we’ve ever had! That’s really saying something for a 20-year old organization!

I’ve been a member of the PWCC Speaker’s Committee for more than 4 years now. I can honestly say this is the ONLY time I’ve had attendees come up to me afterwards to thank ME for finding such a wonderful speaker.

Elene CafassoPresident - Enerpace, Inc.

Your [Aneesa’s] name was mentioned again and again in the comments as being a standout speaker. Here are the comments from the attendees from the evaluations:

Aneesa “Pioneer Service Inc.” moving speaker. Love the idea with moral boosting. Great Job. This has been the best session so far!

This is by far the best so far. Aneesa, I would love to come work for you! Good to see from separate points of view. Very well done.

Enjoyed the personal, heart-felt stories over stats & acronyms. My favorite session so far. All excellent. Segment created great dialogue & interaction/conversation.

Carli Kistler-MillerDirector of Technical Programs and Member Engagement - PMPA (Precision Machined Products Association)

Aneesa represents a new type of manufacturing leader. She is a seeker, contributor and collaborator not only engaged with her own organization but with the industry and community. She is an active volunteer and board member for several organizations. As she works within these communities, she constantly looks for new and innovative strategies, ideas and approaches to help others and continue to grow her own successful manufacturing organization. She contributes her knowledge and skills freely for the benefit of many.

Ben KrupowiczExecutive Director - ILPEx

During the presentation, Aneesa was informative, funny, and very engaging with our members. She portrayed the finesse and confidence of an experienced speaker. I received many notes of appreciation for having such a wonderful speaker at our Professional Development Meeting.

I would recommend Aneesa for any speaking engagement, her experiences provide her with a wealth of knowledge and you can tell that she is very passionate about all things that she is involved with.

Jim TeskaMQ/OE Programs Chair, ASQ Chicago Executive Board - QC Manager Classic Sheet Metal Inc.

It is an honor to be telling you about the extraordinarily empowering presentation Aneesa gave at the femmebought Girls Just Wanna Have Funding inaugural event. A year and a half later our attendees continue to come to me and comment on how inspiring and authentic Aneesa is when she speaks. You would love seeing how she resonated with our entire community of women entrepreneurs and corporate supporters. If you’re like us, you’ll leave her talk feeling inspired and with tips and lessons that really resonate.

I am truly honored and grateful to have been able to bring our members such a terrific person to touch and warm their lives while also providing in-depth education about what it takes to run a successful manufacturing business.

Sophia RuffoloCEO - femmebought

Great leadership is paramount for the success of a business. Aneesa is that leader. I initially met Aneesa on LinkedIn because of our mutual love and support of manufacturing. She was kind enough to invite me to her facility so I could take a tour and meet her team. She was one of the warmest people I have ever met. I was welcomed with open arms by everyone there.

The team at Pioneer Service were gracious in responding to my questions and represent one of the most diverse I have experienced in a small to mid-size manufacturer. Regularly, Aneesa strives in acknowledging the appreciation she has for her team. Her team in turn shows their appreciation and mutual respect for her. Clean environment, quality product, respected team, and thriving business through formidable times are all indicators of this collaborative culture Aneesa has created through her leadership.

Leslie McKinneyQuality Assurance & Product Development Strategist - Microsoft

Aneesa Muthana, CEO and president of Pioneer Service, is an engaging and entertaining speaker with a passion and dedication for growing the manufacturing sector and expanding career opportunities in the sector. She is a thoughtful and leading advocate who understands the importance of communication, decision-making, and teamwork. She often appears with leading experts from some of the largest corporations in the world to provide a voice for small and mid-sized companies.

Mark DenzlerPresident & CEO - Illinois Manufacturers’ Association

Aneesa was especially effective in providing clear, interesting, and valuable content for her audience. She spoke with confidence, understanding, life experiences and with a keen sense for reaching her audience. The executives present received many valuable takeaways from her presentation to help in their businesses and personal lives.

It is a pleasure to recommend Aneesa as a speaker because she brings energy, has a compelling life story and is so effective in reaching her audience.

Ed BreclawCEO - Illinois Growth Advisors | Renaissance Executive Forums

Aneesa’s enthusiasm for all things STEM, is contagious. And, when I met her, it came at a time when I was working with the Congressman to put together a STEM Scholars group made up of highschool aged students. Students who were passionate about learning and about STEM. I knew then that Anessa would be a perfect fit for the Women in STEM panel we were putting together for their “graduation” from the program.

Aneesa has an ability to connect with people of all ages, all backgrounds and instill in them enthusiasm and interest in STEM. She has this innate ability to help the individual(s) to whom she is speaking reach deep inside and find their own sense of purpose and empowerment. That, to me, is the real gift of Aneesa Muthana.

Beth C. GoncherDeputy District Director - U.S. Representative Randy Hultgren

I had the great fortune of meeting Ms. Aneesa Muthana several years ago when we were panelists together at an event hosted by our local community college. As a speaker, Aneesa is passionate, captivating, and eloquent—the type of presenter that leaves a mark and whose words are remembered long after the fact.

Since that time, I have had the great fortune of featuring Aneesa as a presenter at other events, as well as working alongside her to boost both manufacturing and non-traditional occupations for women in DuPage County. She never fails to engage an audience and brings her depth of knowledge and personal experience to each group she speaks with.

I strongly recommend Aneesa as a presenter, as I feel she immediately gives a boost to events/meetings with her lively and engaging manner.

Lisa SchvachExecutive Director, workNet DuPage - DuPage County Workforce Development Division

Aneesa, was a powerhouse in creating a compelling case for our theme of “Taking Center Stage: Standing Out and Speaking Up!” She was generous and transparent with sharing her experiences, her authenticity and credibility really resonated with the attendees. Her mic time set the climate for a day of heightened expectations and possibilities. She brought high energy, wonderful wit and tangible takeaways. Every seat was occupied and some attendees gladly participated from an overflow room. Aneesa delivered inspiration to both emerging and executing women in leadership, celebrating opportunities to evolve and elevate the best versions of themselves.

Cherie Price ColemanPresident - Illinois Diversity Council

I have personally worked with over 500 speakers/personalities after 10+ years in the event industry, and Aneesa stands out from the crowd for multiple reasons. Leading up to the event, Aneesa was well prepared and extremely thoughtful of deadlines and timeframes.

When it was time for her to present, Aneesa’s ability to command the attention of everyone in the room was second to none. Many hands were raised at the conclusion of her presentation to further the discussion, and genuine conversations followed. Aneesa was the exact kind of speaker an event producer looks for: she displays strength, confidence, and knowledge.

I absolutely recommend Aneesa as a speaker and look forward to having her speak at a Gardner Business Media event again.

Tori SchnellerEvent Manager - Gardner Business Media

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